Tweeting gone wrong

Companies have started to use social media as a form of reaching out to the public, which has proven to be a successful, but it definitely has its downfalls.  Prior to the use of social media as a business strategy, it was primarily used for personal social communication. Because of this shift in social media usage, there have been some mishaps in the business side of social media.

When people are constantly tweeting for their companies as well as for personal usage, there is a lot of room for error. If a tweet was meant to go out as a personal tweet but instead went to the companies twitter account, people could get in trouble. Then comes the question on whether or not to delete the post.

Here are some guidelines for when to delete a post from Ragan’s PR daily:

  • If it’s an errant, “off-brand” tweet, which might include offensive photos/videos, bizarre rants, or something with profanity;
  • If it has typos or serious grammatical errors;
  • If it was a direct message that went public (see: Anthony Wiener);
  • If Legal tells you to delete it (for any of the insane reasons legal will make you delete anything);
  • If it’s a half-finished tweet that you sent prematurely;
  • If it was deemed offensive or insensitive. One brand manager, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “The gesture of taking it down is what counts, I think, since everyone will already know what it said.”

Bottom line: do not tweet haphazardly… you can never be too careful!


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