Tory Burch uses Instagram at #LAFNO

Instagram has evolved into another form of social media that companies use as a marketing tool. Companies have come up with creative ways to involve its target audiences through Instagram.

When I was living in this summer, I attended LA’s Fashion Night Out. There were multiple hashtags created to encourage users to come to the different events at stores. For example, at Tory Burch, they used the hashtag “#TBFNOLA” (Tory Burch Fashion Night Out LA). When you used this hashtag, and uploaded your photo onto Instagram, your photo would print out at the Tory Burch store. The printed photo gave you the incentive to use Tory Burch’s hashtag and it also promoted the store on this night.

Since Instagram started out more as a personal form of social media, companies have adapted in order to reach its customers through creative ways that makes Instagram still personal. Tory Burch used Instagram as a creative marketing tool that actively involved its customers.

5 Brands That Understand Marketing on Instagram


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