Is all publicity good publicity? Bieber pranks his fans.

Justin Bieber decided to prank all of his fans a few weeks ago by starting a rumor about “a lot of personal footage” on a stolen laptop. An anonymous Twitter user tweeted about releasing this footage at noon the following day. It was found out that Bieber was the anonymous Twitter user and he was pranking his fans by making them think a sex tape was being released of him.

This prank Bieber pulled on his fans was to get back at them in some way; “since I was 14 I have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family…to saying I had a baby with a woman I never even met. Nude pics, drugs, my family, my character…but today…today I get to be in on it…” I understand Bieber’s motive on doing this but what does this do to his loyal fans? How are these Biliebers supposed to trust Bieber from now on? My question is, is all publicity good publicity? Was this the right move for Bieber to make for his trusting fans? Bieber is playing this off as a big joke but how will this affect his existing and trusting fans?

Justin Bieber’s ‘Stolen Personal Footage’ Scandal is Probably Just a Stupid PR Stunt for a New Music Video



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