High Fashion needs Social Media too

Social Media has become one of the main sources society consumes news, according to Pew’s Research Center’s Trends in News Consumption. The conclusions from this research emphasizes the importance companies should put on social media.

In the high fashion world, many companies don’t put that much emphasis on social media. It seems as though since these high end brands such as, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes and Prada, are so well known and have a prestigious factor to them, they do not need the social media. Yes, any fashionista knows what these brands are but in order to continue the recognized brand, these companies need to expand more in social media. In order to keep these followers and to expand a brand image even more, it is important to keep a solid presence on all forms of social media to reach the ideal target audience and hopefully more.

Luxury Brands On Facebook – The Devil In the Details

New Consumption Survey Shows Decline of Traditional Media



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