Dior’s biggest GLEEK

This summer I had the internship of a life time. I worked for the PR department at Christian Dior. I was overwhelmed with knowledge of fashion,  PR and the importance of celebrities in fashion PR. I worked for the woman in charge of Celebrity Relations, so our main task was to dress celebrities in Christian Dior. It is important for us to pick celebrities who will give Dior a good name and not incriminate its reputation.

Working for the woman in charge of Celebrity Relations requires meeting and dressing celebrities, which would be exciting for anyone but when the boss gives a Gleek (Glee-geek) the task to dress Matthew Morrison and Dean Geyer for the upcoming Glee red carpet premiere, exciting is an extreme understatement. I am the biggest Glee fan around and I had been hoping I could meet someone from the show during my summer internship. It wasn’t until the last two weeks of my internship that I was able to dress two of the hot Glee characters, Mr. Shoester and Brody. When you think of celebrities, more often than not, you think of stuck up, extremely wealthy people who think they are better than everyone else. However, Morrison and Geyer were different. They were over-the-top nice and were grateful for all that I helped them with. Dressing these two was the highlight of my internship. See the photos of Geyer and Morrison wearing Dior Homme, attached! ImageImage


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