Tweeting gone wrong

Companies have started to use social media as a form of reaching out to the public, which has proven to be a successful, but it definitely has its downfalls.  Prior to the use of social media as a business strategy, it was primarily used for personal social communication. Because of this shift in social media … Continue reading

The audience comes first

When working in PR, it is important to remember the rule “audience first.” During the massive Hurricane Sandy taking over the Northwest, Gap and American Apparel did not follow this rule. Rather than consol to its audiences going through this tragedy, these two companies used the hurricane as a marketing tool. American Apparel said things … Continue reading

Tory Burch uses Instagram at #LAFNO

Instagram has evolved into another form of social media that companies use as a marketing tool. Companies have come up with creative ways to involve its target audiences through Instagram. When I was living in this summer, I attended LA’s Fashion Night Out. There were multiple hashtags created to encourage users to come to the … Continue reading

High Fashion needs Social Media too

Social Media has become one of the main sources society consumes news, according to Pew’s Research Center’s Trends in News Consumption. The conclusions from this research emphasizes the importance companies should put on social media. In the high fashion world, many companies don’t put that much emphasis on social media. It seems as though since … Continue reading

Dior’s biggest GLEEK

This summer I had the internship of a life time. I worked for the PR department at Christian Dior. I was overwhelmed with knowledge of fashion,  PR and the importance of celebrities in fashion PR. I worked for the woman in charge of Celebrity Relations, so our main task was to dress celebrities in Christian … Continue reading

Fashion in the eyes of an enthusiast

I have been interested in fashion my whole life. I see fashion not only as clothes, but as an art as well. Fashion is an expression of oneself. I will focus on fashion, fashion trends, and how celebrities have taken the current trends and made them their own.  I will post about what fashions are … Continue reading